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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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-- john harbaugh would not speculate if ray lewis's injury will become the event that ends his career. he said ray lewis would make that decision. >> in the locker room afterward, we did not know, but he was worried about it. he said some things about his faith, and he said some things i will never forget. >> are all called nota's knee sprain of relatively minor injury. more on that later in sports. >> two george's county police officers are now on trial, accused of assaulting a student.
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the incident was caught on a self on camera. barry simms joins us live with the latest. >> john mckenna was a 21-year- old junior when this all happened. now on the witness stand he tells the jury how he was victimized. chaos following a maryland terrapins basketball victory over duke. this video shot from a dorm window in march 2010 led to outrage an indictment of prince george's county deputies reginald harris and george baker. prosecutors said it is a case about power, trust, and the law. he said the auction is abused power, broke trust, and violated the law, and must be held accountable. they cited mckenna as an
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aggressive agitator, claiming he was charging the police line in the midst of a riot. the charges were dropped. >> it is sickening to met is producing an incident like that. >> this video was never shown to the public but was played for the jury. he graduated in 2011 and worse for baltimore accounting firm. he testified he did not see mckenna but acting aggressively towardhe forces or the mounted officers. >> he had no threatening stance, no threatening manner, did not threaten the cops. he was blindsided, his head slammed into a wall. he ends up on the ground gets beat several more times when he was not even resisting. it completely breaches their use of force continuum. it made me so sick to see that,
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and the pools of blood afterwards. if that was my brother, i would be infuriated. i was compelled to come here and tell what actually happened. >> the jurors also word from the victim, 24-year-old john mckenna. he said he had been drinking with some friends and went outside to celebrate the win. he testified from there on, things are fuzzy. he remembers getting hit with a police shield, and after that, being put in a paddy wagon. but can a suffered a large cut to the head. he said he never heard police give commands telling the crowd to disperse. >> if you hear some woo hoo coming from down the street, there is a good reason for it. in some cases, the money paid for unemployment insurance iwill
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be cut in half. david collins has the story. >> business owners rejoiced. slicing the unemployment insurance tax in half is welcome. the tax cut reflects the improving employment picture in maryland. this restaurant employees 40 people year round. >> i am sure other places might use it for more employees, without a doubt. >> the enjoyment insurance tax skyrocketed during the recession as more people added to the rolls. the fund bounced back to $795 million. for nearly 50 got% of the state's employers who have not cut staff in the last few years, the tax break could be significant. >> most employers and maryland will pay at least $100 less in unemployment insurance taxes
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annually per worker. the tax is tied to a series of automatic rate changes. the state paid back in 2010 before the interest kicked in. during that time, the o'malley administration resisted artificially lowering the rate. unlike many states face with lowering benefits, maryland stayed the same. >> the main components of unemployment insurance, including the amount of benefits and the duration, has not been changed. >> as we make this recovery in 04, more employers will be able to hire people as well. considers'malley employers the hero. >> putting food on the table, caring about their employees, stretching and doing everything possible in order to save rick, retain, and grow jobs again. >> get ready for round two.
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this time are not, the presidential candidates will be just a few hours away from their necks debate. >> this will be a town hall style format. new polls are showing a tight race. nikole killion is in washington with the very latest. >> on the eve of the second debate, a new gallup poll shows mitt romney leading a lot to other polls show it locked in a dead heat. obama and mitt romney crept behind closed doors while their surrogates hit the trail. in ohio, the first lady announced she cast her ballot early. >> i voted for my husband. it felt so good. >> great to be back. >> paul rhinestone for votes in the buckeye state, too. -- paul ryan stumped for votes.
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he dished on the debate as new poll from the washington post and politico showed the contest virtually tied. >> the race is still an aide jump ball. it could tip either way. >> the biggest thing is an increase in likability. mitt romney is having a sally field moment. they really like him. >> he can still be aggressive against the president, but he cannot get aggressive with people in town hall meetings. >> is very important for obama that he does not sit back disengaged and the mirror to mitt romney. -- demur to mitt romney.
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nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> representatives for of baltimore's casino address concerns today before baltimore city council members. they discussed licensing, development, construction, and the ultimate opening of the harrah's baltimore casino. >> we have been clear since the day we got the license in july that we are building a facility here. what our discussion is about is how do we make the facility even better? it is going to be a regional facility and we can make it a world-class facility. >> casino operator said they plan to hire 1200 workers, and if table games are allowed, they will hire an additional 500 people. local residents will be considered first for the jobs. when asked about concerns over revenue would go, they said they could not answer, adding at is
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the state's responsibility. >> tuesday 9:00 p.m. is the deadline to register to vote in this year's presidential election. you can also register online. the process is quite short and the elections director says it could help to boost the number of registered voters. >> we have seen over the last month or so an increase in voter registration. as time goes on, we will be able to get a number of those that registered on line, compared to walking in. >> early voting begins october 27 and runs through november 1. each county in the baltimore area has the least one location for early voting, and there are five in baltimore city. if you choose early voting, you conducted any site in your county. for more commitment 2012 covered, go over to our website
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cat >> police in anne arundel county turned to technology to improve communication between students and the officers to patrol their schools. >> we will fill you in on a smart phone app designed to keep everyone informed. >> with ray lewis out of the lineup, who steps in for the future hall of famer? we will have some answers later in sports. >> as we look at the radar, we are seeing some heavy rain showers. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> anne arundel county is trying to improve communication between students and the officers to patrol their school. >> at the center of that effort is a phone app. >> just got every stated these days has a smart phone. anne arundel county police are hoping a new app will help students fight crime and help them fight crime as well before it even happens. anne arundel county police using mobile phone technology to fight crime at county schools. >> this is what we have seen historically actually solves crimes, prevents tragedies, and addresses problems -- information. >> anne arundel county police have unveiled a new mobile app
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in hopes of gaining information before tragedies occur. >> we are fighting over and over again, high school kids want to do the same thing, they just don't want you to know it. they don't want to be seen as coming down to the office and being a snitch. >> besides providing helpful phone numbers and links concerning security and well- being, they can directly e-mail their school resource officer with information. right now, all e-mails are being scrapped ag being screened to make sure they all get read -- all e-mails are being screened to make sure they all get read. from the school systems standpoint, it is a win-win. it could help make administrator jobs easier in providing a safe environment in school.
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>> we still student -- we tell students from the first time they are in a safety session in our school, if you see something dangerous, reported to irresponsible adult immediately. >> is already available for android and should be available for iphone in the coming days. we have provided a link to an internet version of the app on our website, >> let's look at hd doppler real quick. we are still tracking some very heavy rain showers south and east of the baltimore metro area. these are all tracking right off the bay and behind it the rain is starting to taper off. there is more rain just to the southwest of d.c.
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there's still a chance we did see some rain showers through the next couple of hours. we expect most of it to taper off by about 10:00 p.m. tonight. there is much more active weather to the south. this is where the severe threat is, in eastern north carolina down to south carolina. some of the storms have been producing some rotation, so there is concern for tornadoes down there. we are only seeing the rain and that is good news for maryland as will quiet down into the night. 71 degrees was a high today at the airport, compared to the normal high of 67. the normal low was a big difference today, 64. we were much warmer than normal this morning. we have brought down to 63 now at the airport, 67 downtown.
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the cool front is sitting right over baltimore county and starting to cross through. along the cold front we have seen some stronger wind, 20 miles per hour just reported at the airport. something to watch for if you are holding an umbrella outdoors, you may have to grip it tightly with those winds. quiet weather for the next couple of days, but there will be a cool down. we feel that tonight as temperatures are 15-20 degrees cooler overnight. victor degrees downtown but 40's as you get out into the suburbs. -- 54 degrees downtown. mostly sunny tomorrow, a cooler day with highs in the mid-60's. the mountains are likely closer to be 50 degrees for the
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afternoon temperature. still with the sunshine, and the next couple of mornings or little chellie. a high of 70 on thursday and the next rainmaker comes in on friday. hopefully we will dry out for the weekend, but it will be slightly cool. >> ray lewis has found ways to ignore the passage of time, but even he cannot ignore a torn triceps muscle. he suffered yesterday in the win over the cowboys. it leaves fans and friends wondering if ray lewis has another comeback left. his absence will cost the ravens to shuffle their lineup of linebackers.
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in a season that started with terrell suggs out of the lineup, now they have to replace an icon in the middle of a defiant -- of the defense already struggling to stop the run. >> i admire ray lewis. i have said that many times. anybody that knows him feels that way about him. i will be looking forward to seeing what he says about that. >> 13 pro bowls, 2643 courier tackles, the most among active tackles. the only player to make more than 40 sacks and 30 interceptions in his career. lardarius webb also faces season ending knee injury and 30 for the second time in his career. he was covering cowboys
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receiver dez bryan. john harbaugh sounded confident that he could come back next season. >> i think lardarius webb had become one of the premier cornerbacks in the web -- in the league. i see him every day. i would not take anybody over lardarius webb. he will be back. he has been through this before. he will rehab like crazy and be back next year, stronger than ever. >> better news for hello de nota.heloti
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linebacker terrell suggs comes of the physically unable to perform list this week. the time line for him to return to practice and the lineup will likely emerge after next week's bye instead of before. stick around for another look at the seven-day forecast, straight ahead.
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in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. >> there is a break in the search for whoever killed at the national institutes of health researcher. there are two persons of interest trying to be tracked down at this hour. these stories and the latest on the devastating ra
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>> of beautiful day today. >> it rained a little, but it was still warm. >> the rain is clearing out, 66, 68 on wednesday. it will be nice the next couple of days. >> i like your positive attitude. >> when i got out of bed today, it was not raining. >> thanks for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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